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About Us


Job Brokers' main goal is to find employees that make our clients more productive.

Job Brokers is a locally owned and operated technical staffing company dedicated to providing quality service to our clients. Our search firm's commitment is to:

* effectively assess our client's staffing needs

* locate the most qualified employment candidates

* provide quality service after job placement

We truly are "Staffing Specialists."

The Management Team at Job Brokers has more than 50 years of combined employment services experience. Our background enables us to confidently take on staffing searches for any position in any industry.

If the right candidate is out there, we will find them. At Job Brokers, finding the needle in the haystack has become routine.

Job Brokers has grown more than 125 percent every year since it was founded. We attribute our growth to our carefully assembled staff. We are continuously improving our recruiting services so that our talented headhunters are always ahead of the game. 

Why use Job Brokers? 

Job Brokers focuses on making the hiring process as easy as possible, with successful placements being the main goal.


For most contract personnel needs, we are able to provide qualified candidates within 48 hours or sooner and for direct hire placements, within 72 hours!

How do we do it? A defined sourcing, screening, and selection process allows us to react quickly with a systematic approach as follows:

Step 1: Client Introduction / Job Requirements

Step 2: Sourcing and Identification of Qualified Candidates

Step 3: Telephone Pre-Screen

Step 4: Application Process / In Person Interview

Step 5: Evaluation Process (Testing Specific to Client)

Step 6: Professional Reference Checks when Required

Step 7: Decision to Hire / Job Brokers “Seal of Approval”

Step 8: Candidate and Client Follow Up

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